Some Usability Improvements

January 4, 2014 in Features

I have not updated the site for a while and decided to apply some responsive web design techniques I’m learning for another project here.

I’ve made a couple tweaks.

First the recipe search function now uses a horizontal scrolling “card” list. I think this makes it easier to evaluate whether you want to cook a recipe or not. This looks better, of course, if there are images associated with the recipe (few have them).

If you click on the recipe you get a preview, that will often be sufficient, without needing to use the full link to the detailed recipe.

The other tweak I made was to create a new planning page, which will eventually replace the old one once I’ve worked all the bugs out. This meal planning page allows a menu plan to be built without reloading the page between each operation. To use, just enter a new name for a plan, press “ADD NEW PLAN” and then start selecting menu options from the right-hand side. These will appear as you add them. This page still needs work, to match the responsive items, with what you see when you do a full page reload, but it should make menu planning easier.

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