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Viewing Other User’s Recipes

July 6, 2011 in FAQ, Privacy

A quick tweak went in tonight.

Previously the only option you had to control who could view your recipes when creating your recipes was to set it as Public or Private. Public meant everybody, including non-users could view it. Private meant only you could view it.

We’ve added a third option:

“All Users” – By setting the visibility of your recipes to this anybody who has an account with the Lazy Cookbook will be able to see the recipe.

Privacy and Copyright

April 21, 2011 in Copyright, Privacy

Once more users start engaging with the Lazy Cookbook I’m expecting to run into issues with recipes appearing here that the users don’t have permission (from the original sources) to post here.

When Adding Recipes

If the recipe is a copy and paste from another source without any modifications please flag that recipe as Private so that it only appears on your list (i.e., this makes it unable to be viewed by any other user).

If You Spot a Copyright Violation

Please comment on this thread and I’ll investigate and more than likely I’ll simply move the recipe to be a Private recipe for the user.

Any other concerns? Please let me know here so that they can be addressed before the Lazy Cookbook moves out of Beta.