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The Freezer

May 26, 2011 in FAQ, Features

I often make double, triple batches of meals and freeze the rest but while developing the Lazy Cookbook I ran into the a problem. Basically I often had frozen meals available for a scheduled dinner but still went out and bought the ingredients again because my meal plan told me to do so.

So I decided to add a freezer, or inventory, component.

It is pretty simple.

Adding the Freezer

There’s a link on the main recipe header of any recipe to add a serving for this particular meal, which basically means that there’s a serving available.

Editing Freezer List

When you build a shopping list, any recipe that has a serving in the freezer will indicate this, so you know before going out shopping that you already have a serving available. From the Shopping List page you can click the Freezer link to see the contents of your freezer and edit the list.


You’ll note that when you add a serving it is adding an individual serving (not a full family meal). You can set the ‘size’ of your family by pressing Edit Profile … on your profile page you’ll find a place for setting the ‘Family Size’. Basically if this is four (the default) and you add four servings, then the Lazy Cookbook records this as a family serving.