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April 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

The Lazy Cookbook is very much a work in progress but if you would like to try it out please do so and let me know what you think.

I can’t promise I’ll make the changes you want (I’m busy) but I will consider them and add them to the backlog.  Right now I’m more concerned about getting features in and proving the ‘proof of concept’ than making it look pretty. Many of the interfaces need work but the core functionality for adding recipes, planning meal schedules, and creating shopping lists is all in place and I’ve been using it for months now.

So sign in and try it out!

Shopping Lists

April 23, 2011 in FAQ, Features

One of my main goals in developing the Lazy Cookbook was that my various devices could easily pull the information that I needed, when I needed it.

From any device users have full access to most of the Lazy Cookbook features. However I will also streamline the user experience based on the device.

For example when I access the Lazy Cookbook on my iPod Touch (and not the iPad or a computer) I am generally wanting to go to the Shopping List (i.e., I bring the iPod Touch with me while shopping).

So when a user logs into the Lazy Cookbook now from a ‘smaller screen’ device they are taken to the Shopping List directly. As well the Shopping List interface is adjusted slightly for smaller screens, removing unneeded features at the store (like adding recipes to the list) and focusing more on checking items off your list. As well there is scratch pad to quickly type notes (in case you just remembered you needed something on the way into the store and did not want to forget).

Over time more streamlining will go into place though I’ll also try (when possible) to make sure users can access the full site from any device, if they want.

Questions or suggestions? Please let me know.

Privacy and Copyright

April 21, 2011 in Copyright, Privacy

Once more users start engaging with the Lazy Cookbook I’m expecting to run into issues with recipes appearing here that the users don’t have permission (from the original sources) to post here.

When Adding Recipes

If the recipe is a copy and paste from another source without any modifications please flag that recipe as Private so that it only appears on your list (i.e., this makes it unable to be viewed by any other user).

If You Spot a Copyright Violation

Please comment on this thread and I’ll investigate and more than likely I’ll simply move the recipe to be a Private recipe for the user.

Any other concerns? Please let me know here so that they can be addressed before the Lazy Cookbook moves out of Beta.

User Data and the Lazy Cookbook

February 15, 2011 in Data, Export

One of my main concerns with dumping all my recipes into one of the existing recipe sites or apps available for the iPad was that it was not clear how I would go about recovering those recipes if I choose to move my recipes to another product, or if the site/app disappeared.

So one of the first features added to the Lazy Cookbook is the ability for users to:

  • Email a recipe to themselves from the recipe page
  • From their profile, email ALL recipes that they have created to themselves
  • From their profile, email ALL comments they have made across all recipes

Initially these emails are quite basic and I’d like to add some nicer formatting to them but they accomplish their goal — preserving the user’s ownership over their own data.

What’s This?

January 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

Out of frustration over not finding an adequate solution to maintain recipes the way I wanted to I have created this site.

Basically I wanted a service that would allow for cooking with the iPad (as a cookbook and not an ingredient) and shopping with an iPod Touch. There were a few apps that came close but none of them had the full range of features I wanted.

So I’m making my own. More details as it gets rolled out in bits and pieces.